African Adventures Chess Comp - 41 entries

Kids Section : African Adventures Chess Comp - 41 entries

Latest list for my charity event on Sat Feb 15th at St Thomas Church Hall.

Still an ongoing battle trying to attract players from the two juniors clubs in area (Ashton and 3cs) which is a real shame.

Senior Event (for competitive players) from Ethan Lancaster, Sithun De Silva, William Hardman-Elliott, Nathan Li, Alicia Custy, Lawrence Moustafa, Marton Lange, Patrick Shaw (8 players so far)

Senior event (lapsed or non competitive) - Shawn Dissanayake, Alex Hollingworth, Adam Hamer, Jacob Hunt, Jack Horsfall, Tyler Timperley-Brogan, George Pixton, Layla Pixton, Jack Ellidge, Alyssa Varlow, Aaron Varlow (11 in total)

Junior Event - Kyle Dissanayake, Leon Li, James Cooper, Rossi Diggle, Noah Hunt, Leon Walker, Lucy Lowe, Jake Vickers, Myah Spencer, Emily Winkler, Sadies Southwood, Devon Bradbury, Luke Bland, Sky Carlisle, Heidi Washington, Scarlett Lancaster (16 in total)

Adult Event - Helen Poulton, Helen Green, Ste Vickers, Ian Temple-Heald, Mark Barber and Sarah Letitia (6 in total)

41 players in total

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