Chess Quotes

This section will provide some quotes that I use with the kids to  help them improve their chess. 


  • Try not to move the same piece more than once in the opening unless you can win some material or it is being attacked


  • Pawn moves very often create weaknesses
  • If you have any passed pawns (free to run with no pawns in their way!) support them on their journey to the end of the board with other pieces. Find pieces to cover the Queening square. 


  • Knights on the rim (edge!) are dim
  • Find Knight Outposts (Knights positioned well advanced up the board supported by a pawn that can't be chased away by a pawn) - their 2nd favourite job (behind forks!)


  • Later in the game, generally two bishops are better than a bishop and a knight or two knights (so think about it before swapping a Bishop for a Knight!)
  • if you have one bishop left try to put your pawns on the opposite colour squares to the Bishop


  • Try to connect your rooks together as fast as you can, activate them do not leave them in the corner!


  • If you find a good move, look for a better one. 
  • If you can avoid it do not defend little pieces (pawns) with big pieces (Queens and Rooks). They have more important jobs to do.
  • in general castling as early as you can is recommended, preferably to the quieter side (the side where your opponents pieces are not waiting for you!) 
  • If its free its for me (any piece you can take for nothing is always worth doing!)
  • You don't have to clever or brainy to play chess, you just need to have a good memory. 
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