April 2022
DayDate  EventCategory 
Fri1 Arthur canc General 
Sat210.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Game continued, lichess puzzlesLessons 
  11.15am to 12.15pmHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Endgame to finish, Scotch gambit 4.....Bb5, c4Lessons 
Sun310.00amSithun Zoom (P) Lessons 
Mon46.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Vienna review Lessons 
Wed6 Rishi - lesson cancelled Lessons 
  7.15pmLeon Lessons 
Thu74.00pmHeadline EventValentina (P)  Game continued Lessons 
  6.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  Game continued Lessons 
Fri84.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Puzzles lichess, stop the viennaLessons 
Sat910.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Review openings B and W, fast gamesLessons 
  11.15am to 12.15pmHeadline EventEvelina  Cancelled Lessons 
Sun10 Senudi  Cancelled Lessons 
   Sithun  Cancelled Lessons 
  6.00pmEaster Challenge Competitions 
Mon116.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Review Easter ChallengeLessons 
Wed13 Rishi   Cancelled Lessons 
  7.00pmAshton 1 v 3cs 2 Matches 
Thu146.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  Review Easter ChallengeLessons 
Fri15 Arthur  CancelledLessons 
Sat16 Aavni  CancelledLessons 
   Evelina  CancelledLessons 
Sun17 Senudi  Cancelled Lessons 
   Sithun  Cancelled Lessons 
Mon18 Oliver  CancelledLessons 
Tue196.45pm to 7.45pmHeadline EventAmina (P)  NewLessons 
Wed207.00pmHeadline EventRishi  No showLessons 
Thu216.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  GameLessons 
Fri224.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Review Easter ChallengeLessons 
Sat23 Evelina  Cancelled Lessons 
  10.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Review Easter Challenge, my disaster, fast gameLessons 
Sun2410.00am to 2.00pmCSC Competition Competitions 
Mon256.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P) Lessons 
Tue266.45pmHeadline EventBury 1 v 3cs2 Matches 
Wed277.00pmHeadline EventRishi  Cancelled Lessons 
Thu286.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P) Lessons 
Fri294.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Vienna 2...Nf6, gameLessons 
Sat3010.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Review Easter Challenge (v Leon) - start slow gameLessons 
  11.15am to 12.15pmHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Review Easter ChallengeLessons 
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