June 2022
DayDate  EventCategory 
Wed17.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Scotch gambit send video - other variations from videoLessons 
Thu2 Ayoub  Cancelled Lessons 
Fri3 Arthur  Cancelled Lessons 
Sat4 Aavni  Cancelled Lessons 
   Evelina  Cancelled Lessons 
Sun512.00pmHeadline EventSenudi (P)  Rooks & PawnsLessons 
  1.00pmHeadline EventSithun (P)  Final game and Mr Hardy gamesLessons 
Mon66.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Review and gameLessons 
Wed87.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Opposite side castling, pawn charges Lessons 
Thu96.30pmHeadline EventAyoub (P) Lessons 
Fri104.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Opposite side castling,Lessons 
Sun1210.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Opposite side castling, finish gameLessons 
  11.15amHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Opposite side castling,Lessons 
Mon136.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Review, Opposite side castling, test Knight outpostsLessons 
Wed157.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Opposite side castling, finish gameLessons 
Thu166.30pmHeadline EventAyoub (P) Lessons 
Fri174.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Opposite side castling, finish gameLessons 
Sun1910.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Opposite side castling, finish gameLessons 
  12.00pmHeadline EventSenudi (P)  Stopping ScholarsLessons 
  1.00pmHeadline EventSithun (P)  Trick v London, classic game, oppo side castling gameLessons 
Mon206.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Review opposite castling, last Chesskid game, gameLessons 
Wed22 Rishi  Cancelled Lessons 
Thu236.30pmHeadline EventAyoub  Cancelled Lessons 
Fri244.30pmHeadline EventArthur  Cancelled Lessons 
Sat2510.00amHeadline EventAavni (P) Lessons 
  11.15amHeadline EventEvelina (P) Lessons 
Sun2610.00amHeadline EventRishi (P) Lessons 
Mon276.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Finish gameLessons 
Wed297.00pmHeadline EventRishi  Cancelled Lessons 
Thu306.30pmHeadline EventAyoub (P) Lessons 
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