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This section will be for the kids in terms of hints and tips to make them better players. Watch this space!

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Top 10 tips for young chess players


  1. Take your time, it is not a race, spend at least 30 seconds to 1 min on each move, longer if it is complicated. Always think before you move.
  2. Try to work out the idea behind your opponent’s move. If you do not look at each and every move from your opponent you will lose pieces.
  3. Develop your pieces as soon as possible: Get ALL your knights and bishops out right away. This should be done during the first 6 or 7 moves.
  4. Castle as soon as possible: Castle early to keep your king safe. Remember, you can’t win if you get checkmated first. So, don’t forget to castle!
  5. After you castle, do an escape route and connect your rooks by developing your queen.
  6. Don’t be scared to castle the long way (Queen’s side). If it is the opposite way to your opponent’s castling push your pawns forward (with rooks behind) on the  other side to which you have castled. It is a great attacking weapon!
  7. If you are winning (in points) it is a good idea try to swop off pieces. If you are losing try to avoid swopping off pieces. In this situation try to keep your Queen and Rooks on the board. You would have a better chance of winning.
  8. Every move should have a purpose.
  9. If you have a passed pawn (one that has no pawn in its way) support it especially with Rooks and Queens to help it achieve its aim of Pawn Promotion.
  10. Remember you learn much more from losing a game than winning a game. If you lose try to remember where you went wrong and avoid making that type of mistake again. Don’t get downhearted!
Created: 30-Jun-18 11:07

Final Results of St James class competition

In yesterdays lesson at St James we completed the class competition. Congratulations to Otis Kershaw as the new class champion (with 5 wins out of 5 and one bye). Kaylen Casey came 2nd, Ewan Finnegan 3rd and Curtis Cresswell 4th. Best Girl prize went to Cara Whitehurst. Otis won a trophy and Kaylen, Ewan, Curtis and Cara all won medals.


Created: 30-Jun-18 11:02

Chess Challenge Day - Summary of the day

As usual the Chess Challenge day was a big success and I think all 92 kids enjoyed it. I know St Thomas’ won again but there were quite a few on both sides who played extremely well. It was like a military style operation to tidy and set up so quickly around lunch time and all the kids were a great help. All the details should have been shared at both special assemblies where medal presentations were made but I wanted to just pick out a few who really impressed me.

St James: (12 medals awarded)
William Hardman Elliott played the 3 best players at St Thomas’ and beat them all, I could see the confidence he had lost recently return as the day went on.
Lucy Inglis the only other player at St James to win all 4 games.
For the two year 2’s to score 3 out of 4 (James C/James T) remarkable performance.
Very pleased for Ummar, Otis K and Olly who all played well above themselves from the year 3 class.

St Thomas: (21 medals awarded)
Brennan/Tyler – previous chess club players who dropped out and I knew both of them had the skills and they proved it today winning all 4 games.
Macie B – lacks confidence but todays 4 out of 4 will have done her a world of good
Nicole Wainwright – my performance of the day, she was outstanding.
Special mention for Aaron Young and Ryley Oliver who both have struggled in the class competition but with 3 out of 4 played above themselves.

Match of the day (by far) – Lawrence Moustafa and Ethan Lancaster – the quality of this match was of an exceptional standard.

Created: 15-Jun-18 15:51

Chess Challenge Day Approaches - Thurs 14th June

St James v St Thomas chess challenge day is all agreed. It will take place on Thurs 14th June at St James (2nd week back after half term). There will be 96 children competing (48 from each school).

The coach will pick the children up at 9.30am and return the children back at 2pm.

There will be two games in the morning session (between 10am and 11.30am) and then a further two games in the afternoon (between 12.45pm and 2pm). Other activities will be available on the day between matches. They are trying to arrange a coach to transport the kids down to St James.

Adam Hamer will be the captain for St Thomas and Jack Horsfall for St James (there will be lots to organise on the day and they will be my go to people for this). Hope they are ready for this?

I would very grateful if some of the chess club children from St James could arrive early on the day to help me set up.

Please note there will be NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS at either school that week.

School will provide further information.

Created: 03-Jun-18 08:49
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