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This section will be for the kids in terms of hints and tips to make them better players. Watch this space!

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Winners from yesterday

Well done to all on the attached picture. 

Created: 19-Nov-17 15:40

CSC Results - Sat 18th Nov

The latest competition today was yet another successful event with 52 children and our two schools contributing 12 in total (6 from each). We had 3 newcomers (Maddison Smith, Austin Butterworth and Lucy Lowe). We managed to win 3 of the 6 prizes.

Lawrence Moustafa (5 wins out of 6) – joint 2nd, awarded 3rd on a tiebreak (played 3 times and been in the top 3 in each event)

Alexia Clancy (4.5 out of 6) – best girl prize (won prizes in 4 of her 5 competitions)

Maddison Smith – (4.5 out of 6) – best newcomer and 4th overall – fantastic achievement in her first event!!!

Ethan Lancaster (4.5 out of 6) – on board 1 in final game and had to win to win the competition.

Jacob Hunt, Adam Hamer, Lucy Inglis (4 out of 6)

Alex Hollingworth, Eleanor Higginbottom (3.5 out of 6)

Austin Butterworth, Ayaan Iltaf (2.5 out of 6)

Lucy Lowe (2 out of 6).

Looking at the 22 boards in the last round, we had nobody below board 14 and we had 7 of the top 10 players.

I have added all the children’s individual records to the website for your perusal. I know they will all be interested in that.

Including qualifications to national events we have now reached 50 prize winners since June 15 from 19 different children.

Created: 19-Nov-17 14:05

Entries for CSC Competition 18th Nov - 13 so far (3 newbies)

Alex Hollingworth

Jacob Hunt

Adam Hamer

Austin Butterworth (new)

Lawrence Moustafa

Ethan Lancaster

Eleanor Higginbottom

Lucy Inglis

Patrick Shaw

Ayaan iltaf

Lucy Lowe (new)

Maddison Smith (new)

Alexia Clancy 

Created: 10-Nov-17 19:13

3cs new website

Pleased to see my chess club has an excellent new website.

Thankyou to them for also adding my site to their links page (and adding my picture to it!!)


Created: 26-Oct-17 16:46

Checkmate in one puzzles

St Thomas class has now arrived at the check and checkmate lesson and did extremely well with it. 

Good time to make available some puzzles for them........Puzzles

Created: 26-Oct-17 16:43
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