Successful Megafinal Day

Kids Section : Successful Megafinal Day

Today was the significant Pennine Chess Megafinal at Saddleworth School covering all the schools best players from Oldham, Ashton and from across the border in West Yorkshire. We had an amazing 8 players who successfully managed to qualify for the event. There was an excellent turnout of around 160 kids.

Before today we have only had one successful player to get through the Megafinal (4pts out 6 required to progress), Jack Ellidge in the last two years.

Results from today:

Alyssa Varlow – Year 6 Suprema Champion (4pts out of 6) to qualify – won an impressive trophy! William Hardman-Elliot scored 4 out of 6 and also qualified – won a medal/book

Ethan Lancaster – 3.5 out of 6 – missed qualification by a painful half a point losing to the overall winner in his section in the last round. Considering he is still in this year’s chess class it’s a remarkable performance.  Won a medal. He has been placed on a reserve list for the Gigafinal.

Jacob Hunt – scored 3 out of 6 also won a medal for a near miss.

Jack Ellidge – scored 3 out of 6, was on 3 out of 4 and then had two horrible draws against extremely dangerous opponents in the last two rounds to miss out.

Kaden Davies – scored 3 out of 6, missed out by 1pt

Sarah Taylor – scored 2 out of 6

Adam Hamer scored 2 out of 6 in his first external competition

I have asked Alyssa, William, Jacob and Ethan to bring medals/trophy in to be presented in School Assembly.

The penultimate stage is the Northern Gigafinal in mid-July at Wright Robinson College and both Alyssa and William are now down to the final 100 players in the country in their age group.

As usual the dedication of the kids and parents (some who stayed throughout the whole day) is very commendable. I know most of the kids have spent a great deal of time after school this week getting themselves prepared for the competition. It was a very long day (for all of us!) but I know all of them had a fantastic time.


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