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Welcome to, a website to support children, tutors, teachers and parents in developing and nurturing chess talent in Primary Schools.

As a tutor for the charity Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC) (Manchester Project) since 2013 I have followed a 30 week curriculum for children from Year 2 to 5 in a variety of schools. The children are given plenty of time to learn how the pieces move, mini-games to keep their interest and worksheets/handouts to confirm/aid learning. As the year progresses skills develop and good habits are instilled, including teaching them good chess etiquette. The tutor runs a class competition towards the end of the school year to introduce them to competitive chess. The tutor will then aim to end the year by challenging schools against each other, something the children love to do.

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Chess in Schools and Communities (CSC)


The magic of chess - the basics!

Created: 19-Jan-19 21:36

How best to start a game of chess!

Created: 19-Jan-19 21:22

Xmas Competition Results

Created: 24-Dec-18 13:10

Xmas Chess in Schools Congress (22nd Dec) - 10 signed up

Created: 25-Nov-18 11:45


Tue 22 Jan 2019Matches : Stockport away
Thu 24 Jan 2019 1.30pmLessons : Private Tuition
Thu 24 Jan 2019 2.00pmLessons : St Thomas’ Primary : CANCELLED
Thu 24 Jan 2019 3.15pmSchool Chess Club : St Thomas’ Primary :
Fri 25 Jan 2019 2.00pmLessons : East Crompton St James : Lesson 13 En Passant / Game
Fri 25 Jan 2019 3.00pmSchool Chess Club : East Crompton St James : Week 2

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