October 2021
DayDate  EventCategory 
Sat210.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Finish game, attacking potential reminder Vienna, puzzlesLessons 
  11.15amHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Puzzles, review French 3 Nc3Lessons 
Sun310.30amHeadline EventSithun (P)  Game review, puzzle, Vienna c5Lessons 
  11.30amHeadline EventSenudi (P)  Bishop/Queen/KnightLessons 
Mon47.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Rishi v Modern now. Obsession with Ng5 when black can castle (review that game)Lessons 
Tue56.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Game, testing opening plansLessons 
Wed66.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  Knight reminder, kingLessons 
Thu74.00pmHeadline EventValentina (P)  More complex forksLessons 
Fri84.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P) Lessons 
Sat910.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Finish and review game, supporting passed pawnsLessons 
  11.15amHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Finish and review game, game v FrenchLessons 
Sun1010.30amHeadline EventSithun (P)  ZOOMLessons 
Mon117.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Finish game, review, lichess comp, Sithun gameLessons 
Tue126.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Finish game, review opening plan. Lessons 
Wed136.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  King reminder, popular checkmate, castlingLessons 
Fri154.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P) Lessons 
Sat1610.00amHeadline EventAavni   Full hr puzzlesLessons 
  11.15amHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Puzzles, review French game Lessons 
Sun1710.30amHeadline EventSithun Lessons 
  11.30amHeadline EventSenudi  Knight weirdness, KingLessons 
Mon187.00pmHeadline EventRishi  Lichess any games, 10 min challenge Lessons 
Wed206.15pmHeadline EventOliver K  En Passant, pinsLessons 
Thu214.00pmHeadline EventValentina  More complex forksLessons 
Fri224.30pmHeadline EventArthur  Check for lichess gamesLessons 
Sat2310.00amHeadline EventAavni   New white openingLessons 
  11.15amHeadline EventEvelina  Continue gameLessons 
Sun249.00am to 2.00pmHeadline EventChess in Schools Competition  Broadoak Community Centre, AshtonCompetitions 
Sun3111.30amHeadline EventSenudi  Points, gameLessons 
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