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This section will be for the kids in terms of hints and tips to make them better players. Watch this space!

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CSC Congress Sat 13th Oct - 7 entries

Usual place and time, let us know if you want to enter. So far 7 entries.

Ethan Lancaster - Yr7 / Advanced Group

Dylan Crothers

William Hardman-Elliott

Lucy Inglis 

Nathan Li

Leon Li

Lawrence Moustafa


Created: 02-Sep-18 20:17

Gigafinal Results / Summary - July 14th/15th


Off and running at the Gigafinal. Round 1 complete. A difficult start as all 3 played graded players. Alex H and Ethan L gave it good go and after quite a battle both lost in the end. Lawrence M on the other hand played with great calmness and maturity and comfortably beat his opponent! Unfortunately Mustapha Dia had to pull out of the competition through illness.

Update after round 3. Alex is on 1 out of 3 after winning in round 2, Ethan after his slow start has now gained his first win with a convincing victory in rd 3. Lawrence continues to impress winning in round 3 to take his score to 2.

Round 4. No stopping Lawrence with 3 wins out 4. Ethan is motoring now with his 2nd consecutive win and is on 2pts now. Alex stays on 1pt but is having some great games.

Final scores. Lawrence and Ethan both scored 3, Alex 2. Magnificent, so proud of them!

To put it in perspective what these kids have achieved today. Before today nobody from St Thomas had qualified for this event before, Ethan and Alex both played and beat graded chess players with much more experience. In fact in Alex's competition he had the current under 11 British Champion playing, who including adults is in the top 500 in the country!! Every player Lawrence played was a graded player and he beat 3 of them. As a result of today all 3 will now gain their first chess grade. Over to the girls tomorrow!


Tough start for the girls with both losing. Both had to play players with grades, Alexia's opponent 104 rated player (2nd best in the competition). Lucy played a nice game but a wrongly positioned Knight in the opening cost her. Fingers crossed for round 2.

Lucy has done really well to win in round 2 and 3 to be on 2 out of 3. Alexia is having a difficult day in what is a very tough competition but we are rallying around to boost her confidence.

The Gigafinal is finally over for another year. Well done to all who played. Today Lucy Lowe scored a magnificent 3 out of 6 and Alexia Clancy a very creditable 2 out of 6 after a bit of wobbly start. All 5 of the kids played really well, we had some highs and some lows but overall they should be all really proud of what they achieved. See you all in September. Enjoy your summer. 

Created: 04-Aug-18 12:13

Results Sat 28th July

Many on holiday this event including me.

Well done to Maisie Hemstock on her debut scoring 3 out of 6.

Madison Hemstock did well to secure the slow starter prize. 

Ethan Lancaster in the very difficult senior group scored an excellent 1.5 out of 5. 

Dylan Crothers scored 4 out of 6 and Patrick Shaw 2 out of 6

Created: 04-Aug-18 12:09

Chess in Schools Congress 28th July - 7 signed up

So far we have 7 players signed up for the final Chess in Schools competition on Sat 28th July. Ethan Lancaster, Dylan Crothers, Patrick Shaw, William Hardman-Elliott, Madison Hemstock, Jenny Stanway, Alex Hollingworth

Created: 10-Jul-18 22:20

Top 10 tips for young chess players


  1. Take your time, it is not a race, spend at least 30 seconds to 1 min on each move, longer if it is complicated. Always think before you move.
  2. Try to work out the idea behind your opponent’s move. If you do not look at each and every move from your opponent you will lose pieces.
  3. Develop your pieces as soon as possible: Get ALL your knights and bishops out right away. This should be done during the first 6 or 7 moves.
  4. Castle as soon as possible: Castle early to keep your king safe. Remember, you can’t win if you get checkmated first. So, don’t forget to castle!
  5. After you castle, do an escape route and connect your rooks by developing your queen.
  6. Don’t be scared to castle the long way (Queen’s side). If it is the opposite way to your opponent’s castling push your pawns forward (with rooks behind) on the  other side to which you have castled. It is a great attacking weapon!
  7. If you are winning (in points) it is a good idea try to swop off pieces. If you are losing try to avoid swopping off pieces. In this situation try to keep your Queen and Rooks on the board. You would have a better chance of winning.
  8. Every move should have a purpose.
  9. If you have a passed pawn (one that has no pawn in its way) support it especially with Rooks and Queens to help it achieve its aim of Pawn Promotion.
  10. Remember you learn much more from losing a game than winning a game. If you lose try to remember where you went wrong and avoid making that type of mistake again. Don’t get downhearted!
Created: 30-Jun-18 11:07
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