School Sign-up

The tutors who work in the local area are all experienced tutors and chess players.

So what would you get if your school signed up:

1   An experienced tutor for one hour per week over a minimum of 30 weeks (probably more if time allows!) to work with a selected class between year 2 and 5 at a time to suit. To maximise the benefit we recommend Year 3 or 4 are the year groups to teach.  

2   The school would be provided with all the equipment required to run the lessons (board, sets, demonstration board etc)

3   The tutor will try to make themselves available to run a chess club (either after school or lunchtime), possibly the same day as the lesson, maybe a different day.

4   Tutor support for the children in competitions outside of the school.

5   Opportunity for the class teacher to learn a new skill as well!

If you are interested 'Contact Us' will be in touch to discuss the detail/cost.

We have a number of tutors in the Manchester Project - this is the timetable for just me below.

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