Current Graded Players

Our players who are playing regular competitions are now starting to appear on the ECF Grading Database.

So far we have:

Paul Keech (was 150) now 144

Lawrence Moustafa (was 57) now 71
Nathan Li (was 57) now 62
Austin Butterworth NEW 57 (very impressive first grade)
Ethan Lancaster (was 42) now 49
Leon Li NEW 41
Sithun De Silva NEW 40
Lucy Lowe (was 42) now 38
Patrick Shaw NEW 38
William Hardman-Elliott NEW grade 34
James Cooper NEW grade 30
Dylan Crothers NEW grade 19
Alex Hollingworth (was 10) now 17
Ayaan Iltaf NEW 15
Alexia Clancy (was 11) now 14

Previous Grades

Alyssa Varlow - 45


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