January 2022
DayDate  EventCategory 
Sat1 Chess Break General 
Sun2 Chess Break General 
Mon3 Chess Break General 
Tue4 Chess Break General 
Thu66.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  Review opening, gameLessons 
Fri74.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Xmas comp review v Sithun, gameLessons 
Sat810.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Puzzle, gameLessons 
  11.15am to 12.15pmHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Puzzle, Modern, best carnation against it, gameLessons 
Sun910.30amHeadline EventSithun (P)  Win v Arthur, gameLessons 
  11.30amHeadline EventSenudi (P)  GameLessons 
Mon106.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Black openings, French, gameLessons 
Wed127.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Review recent defeat, zugzwang, gameLessons 
Thu134.00pmHeadline EventValentina (P)  GameLessons 
  6.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  2 gamesLessons 
Fri144.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Phzzle, Review King protection in front of castled king, gameLessons 
Sat1510.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Game continues Lessons 
  11.15am to 12.15pmHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Game continuation, modern review, puzzleLessons 
Sun1610.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventSithun (P)  Zugzwang, puzzle, end game practice, review IM games Lessons 
  11.00am to 12.00pmHeadline EventSenudi (P)  Black openings FrenchLessons 
Wed197.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Review Caro game, 2 Knights attack, gameLessons 
Thu204.00pmHeadline EventValentina (P)  Puzzles 30 mins, gameLessons 
  6.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  Finish game, long castling, Lessons 
Fri214.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Puzzle, gameLessons 
Sat2210.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  End game techniques, gameLessons 
  11.15am to 12.15pmHeadline EventEvelina (P) Lessons 
Sun2310.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventSithun (P)  2 puzzles, gameLessons 
  11.00am to 12.00pmHeadline EventSenudi (P)  EndingsLessons 
Mon246.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  Continue French game, review FrenchLessons 
Wed267.00pmHeadline EventRishi (P)  Caro reviewLessons 
Thu276.30pm to 7.10pmHeadline EventAyoub (P)  Game, reviewLessons 
Fri284.30pmHeadline EventArthur (P)  Puzzle, gameLessons 
Sat2910.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventAavni (P)  Finish game, review, Lessons 
  11.15am to 12.15pmHeadline EventEvelina (P)  Missing f pawn position, Play v Modern - new variantLessons 
Sun3010.00am to 11.00amHeadline EventSithun (P)  2 puzzles, gameLessons 
  11.00am to 12.00pmHeadline EventSenudi (P)  More endings, king v pawn challenge, start of ModernLessons 
Mon316.15pmHeadline EventOliver K (P)  French defence advancedLessons 
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