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This section will be for the kids in terms of hints and tips to make them better players. Watch this space!

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Under 11 County Final Results

On Saturday we had 7 of our children represent Oldham at the finals of the 2019 county championships at Solihull in the West Midlands after qualifying at the Northern zonals a few weeks ago. Expected to come last against all the serious chess counties of England we managed a very respectable 14th out of 16 to finish ahead of Manchester and Wirral.

To put things in perspective Kent board 20 was graded higher than our board 1, Kent and Richmond have a number of England junior internationals playing for them and have around £50,000 invested in chess coaching each year. They are off to Russia in the next couple of weeks! Some of our players had to play players from the Kent and Richmond teams. A fantastic experience for them, gives them something to aspire to!

Our players scored 7 of the 18 points won for the team, absolutely amazing performance. I am so proud of all of them.

For Ethan Lancaster to win one game on board 6 was very impressive (remember he will have beaten the 6th best junior player in that county!). He also lost to 132 grade (a graded player just less than my grade).

Lawrence Moustafa won 2 points out of 3 on board 8 beating a very solid player in round 3 from the Northern winners Cheshire and N Wales.

William Hardman-Elliott on board 12 continues to mature nicely drawing against a highly rated player in round 1 from a strong Oxfordshire team and beating another graded player in round 2 from another good Wey Valley team.

Lucy Lowe got a draw in round 1 against a graded player from Hertfordshire

Austin Butterworth won in round 3 after going close against a good player in round 2.

Patrick Shaw was added to the team as a last minute sub did very well to also win in round 3.

Only Alex Hollingworth struggled due to a combination of 3 strong opponents and a recent lack of practice.

A massive thankyou to all the parents and some grandparents for coming along and supporting the team and our children.

Created: 01-Apr-19 19:03

Upcoming Events

With so much going on at present I wanted to ensure you are all aware of the forthcoming events.

Next Sat 30th -
U11 County Finals (Warwickshire) - Lawrence, William, Ethan, Lucy, Austin and possibly Alex to represent Oldham.
Sat 27th April -
Broadoak, Ashton - Last Chance Saloon for those that did not qualify yesterday. It will be much easier as the qualifiers cannot play in this.

So far Jessica Caton, Austin Butterworth and James Cooper have signed up.
Challengers - same day, same venue for those that qualified for extra practice ready for the Megafinal. Eligible are Lawrence Moustafa, William Hardman-Elliott, Lucy Lowe, Nathan Li, Leon Li, Patrick Shaw, Sithun De Silva

William Hardman Elliott has signed up for this.

Sat 18th May -
Megafinal at Saddleworth for qualifiers

Sun 19th May - Next CSC competition at Ashton.

William Hardman Elliott has signed up for this.
Clearly an issue having two competitions on the same weekend. Only the very keen will do both, probably the non qualifiers who will just play on the Sunday.

Created: 24-Mar-19 15:02

CSC Megafinal Qualifier Results

Incredibly difficult day at Ashton with a number of those juniors who play Manchester league chess mixed in with the rest and a chess tutor somewhat under the weather!!

When you get poor Lawrence M and Austin Butterworth having to play for example the Oldham town team board 1 it is hard. Lots of our players took points off each other.

Well done to Sithun De Silva (best year 3), William Hardman-Elliott (best year 6), Lawrence Moustafa (2nd in yr 5), Nathan Li (2nd Secondary), Lucy Lowe (best yr 5 girl), Leon Li and Patrick Shaw who all qualified for the Megafinal. Fantastic effort.

Special mention to our newcomers Jessica Caton and Emily Winkler who both scored 2 out of 5.

For those who missed out you have another opportunity on Sat 27th Apr back at Ashton for the Last Chance Saloon. Let me know and I will sign you up.

Created: 24-Mar-19 15:01

CSC Competition Sat 23rd March- 16 entries (2 newcomer)

So far we have:

William Hardman-Elliott (Yr6)

Austin Butterworth (Yr5)

Sithun Da Silva (Yr3)

Ethan Lancaster (Yr6)

Patrick Shaw (Yr5)

Leon Li (Yr4)

Otis Kershaw (Yr4)

Nathan Li (Yr7)

Lucy Lowe (Yr5)

James Cooper (Yr3)

Dylan Crothers (Yr5)

Jessica Caton (Yr 3) newcomer

Lawrence Moustafa (Yr 5)

Ayaan Iltaf (Yr 5)

Emily Winkler (Yr 5) newcomer

Alex Hollingworth (Yr 6)

Created: 10-Mar-19 14:09

Oldham Town Team Results

A remarkable day at the Under 11 Northern Zone County Championships yesterday at Flowery Field Primary School in Hyde

An Oldham town team played against 7 other teams (Cheshire/N Wales, Nottinghamshire, Lancashire, G.Manchester, Staffordshire, Wirral, Tameside as the hosts).

Expected to finish in bottom two with such difficult opponents, Oldham finished in an amazing 3rd place qualifying for the National County final in Warwickshire in 3 weeks’ time.

6 of the children out of the 20 strong team came from our two schools – Ethan Lancaster, Lawrence Moustafa, William Hardman-Elliott, Austin Butterworth, Lucy Lowe and Dylan Crothers.

Cheshire/N Wales won the event but William Hardman-Elliott had to win his final game (an amazing 1hr 40 mins marathon!) against a difficult Nottinghamshire team for us to take 2nd place. He lost but it was such valiant attempt.

Everyone contributed.
Ethan Lancaster incredibly won all 3 games on board 7 of 20. His maturity as a chess player continues to grow.

Lucy scored 2 out of 3.

Lawrence, Dylan and Austin scored 1.5 out of 3 (a win, a draw and a defeat).

Last word for William who may have only scored 1 out of 3 having to play Cheshire/N Wales and Nottinghamshire, had by far the hardest draw. The final, tense game was incredible and William probably played my game of the day to earn his 1 point.

We were also very lucky to have a FIDE Master in our ranks, Adam Ashton (75th best player in England) who went through some of their games with the kids afterwards.

This will be shared in special assemblies this week, each child won a certificate for representing the town team and as a player in a team in the top 3 teams were also awarded a medal. I have asked them to bring these into school.

Thanks to parents Sam Elliott and Simon Butterworth who both supported the kids on the day.

Created: 10-Mar-19 14:03
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